A round-up of my favourite scents

Recently Grant and I went to a wedding and he revealed an impressive collection of designer brand cologne. 

I used to occasionally wear my favourite CK One and I have a bottle of Lancôme La Vie Est Belle but I find it too sweet and it makes me sneeze the whole day when I wear it.

The weekend after the wedding Grant asked if I liked Alien. We were at Dischem so I asked to try the original. After walking around with it and having a nap I decided it was not for me.

But I’ll tell you about the fragrances I do love.

Chanel Gabrielle

I recently discovered this perfume. No. 5 doesn’t really suit me, but this… Oh, it is beautiful! It is all flowers and magic: jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, Grasse tuberose. And the simple design of the bottle just adds to the glamour.

Elie Saab Le Parfum

More of the same, I guess, possibly in different combination of notes and intensities, and completely irresistible: orange blossom, jasmine, honey rose, patchouli.

Christian Dior Tendre Poison

My longest-loved perfume, created in 1994, is another floral bouquet of delight. Galbanum, mandarin, freesia noting the top, orange, honey and amber in the middle balanced on a base of vanilla, sandalwood and cedarwood.

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme

My most recent discovery is a bit of a departure from the others. The top notes include black currant sorbet, Granny Smith apple, clover, forget-me-not, Shisolia. The succulent heart contains sweet briar rose, Petalia, Rosyfolia, jasmine, ice infusion of peach. And at the base, patchouli coeur, styrax, white smooth woods, musk.

I live in hope that luxury fragrances will eventually become more affordable. For now, I scrounge for samples of new fragrances on a road of olfactory discovery.

Tell me what your favourite perfume is!

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