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  1. Odette Swart
    Odette Swart at |

    The bubbles❤️

  2. Ane de Bruin
    Ane de Bruin at |

    How awesome! Haven’t tried it yet but if I must choose a favourite I think I will go for the Bubble Tea Mystery Box….only because I LOVE being suprised and trying new things.

  3. Koyal
    Koyal at |

    Love a good Mixed Box for Gin Friday

  4. Daantjie Die Kat
    Daantjie Die Kat at |

    Love the Home Made Gin Kit and the Gin Queen G&T bags 🙂 🙂

  5. Lizelle
    Lizelle at |

    I love the pomegranate bursting boba. Delicious and just a little extra in drinks. Once i put some in a salad instead of pomegranate. Guests were pleasantly suprised

  6. Lelanie Opperman
    Lelanie Opperman at |

    Love it! Looks inviting and like more. 😋💞🍓 Haven’t tried it yet, but can’t wait until I do! Think I would like to try the strawberry first. #GIVEYOURGINSOMEBALLS

  7. Tersia
    Tersia at |

    Where to start!!!!
    The yummy Cherry Berry Bubble Tea combo set or the Blueberry Boba’s with lime. OMW….yummy yummy! Little pearls that bursts with flavor.

    Makes the ordinary extraordinary!!!!!

  8. NadiaB
    NadiaB at |

    Would definitely be treating myself to the Tonic Syrups for G&T as its also my birthday month , very excited to try this!! 🙂

  9. NadIne Pretorius
    NadIne Pretorius at |

    Cherry Berry bubble tea

  10. Lindi
    Lindi at |

    We love the bursting bobas as well as the taro milk powder – YUM!!!

  11. Janie Opperman
    Janie Opperman at |

    How does one choose if there is so many amazing products on the online store??? I love the box of 3 flavours bubble tea boba and the syrups! Than you have to have a great garnish on your drink, just to feel extra special! My sister and I love all things GIN! This would be such a great treat to share with her!


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