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  1. Gina
    Gina at |

    But are they not sore!?

    I cant cause myself pain. I wuss out 🙁

  2. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    Hi Gina!

    The reason epilators are so effective and leave you hairless for such a long time is because they pull the hairs out from the root. Unfortunately, this does mean stomaching a bit of pain!

    Thankfully, most people say that the first time epilating is the worst. As your skin gets used to the sensation it becomes less and less painful. Also, the hairs that grow back are thinner and weaker than before so they’re easier (and thus less painful!) to remove.

  3. Belinda
    Belinda at |

    They are sore but save so much time and effort with other removal methods, my Epilator keeps me smooth for weeks and I don’t have to worry about shaving. It is worth it if you can deal with a bit of pain.

  4. Trisha
    Trisha at |

    I personally use Brown silk epil 7 and I am totally satisfied with my epilator. The pain is totally tolerable, and I personally think, like you said in the article that this is the cheapest hair removal method. You don;t have to buy razors, wax or anything, it is a one-time investment that lasts for years.


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