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  1. Jackie Katzen
    Jackie Katzen at |

    I #GetBubblified by climbing into bed with a hot water bottle, a great magazine and chocolate all to myself

    @JaxxLisa on Twitter


  2. Megan
    Megan at |

    I #GetBubblified by coming home after a long day’s work by putting up my feet and pouring myself a glass of wine and eating a chocolate.

  3. Linda Laing
    Linda Laing at |

    I get #GetBubblified when I load my large cup of hot chocolate with pieces of bubbly chocolate….Yummy and sipping on that transports me to another world! #winning

  4. Pabalelo
    Pabalelo at |

    I #getbubblified by going to bounce with my boyfriend. And clowning around like two idiots ??. My favorite place with my favorite person is how I #getbubblified

    @K_ladiii on Twitter

  5. Tertia
    Tertia at |

    I #GetBubblified by waiting for everyone to go to bed so I can enjoy my chocolate fix undisturbed and without the risk of having to share.

  6. mira naidu
    mira naidu at |

    I get #Bubblified on my couch, with my family, laughing and smiling and sharing our Cadbury.

  7. Saajida
    Saajida at |

    Ooh it’s the simple things with me. I #GetBubblified by enjoying a lovely cup of tea and a good book.

  8. Tania
    Tania at |

    I #GetBubblified by spending my Friday afternoons with my bestie, drinking some wine and catching up, our mommy-time!

  9. Melanie Pretorius
    Melanie Pretorius at |

    I #GetBubblified by attending Katy Perry with my bestie and also testing hearty food recipes this winter since I’m no cook but have to keep myself alive. I also #GetBubblified by puppy cuddles from my dog Summer.

    @Miss_Pretorius on Twitter

  10. Sandy
    Sandy at |

    I #GetBubblified with the best in winter snacks….Popcorn with chopped up Cadburys Bubbly Oreo…bliss in every mouthful.

  11. SV Maharaj
    SV Maharaj at |

    Bubblified for me is sharing a Cadburys Bubbly with my 2 handsome boys once they return from school and we’re catching up on one anothers day. Perfect moments sweetened with Cadburys

  12. dina dos santos
    dina dos santos at |

    #GetBubblified by waiting for the kids to go to bed then its me favourite netflix series and my Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

  13. Jenn S
    Jenn S at |

    I #GetBubblified by watching Sofia the first with my daughter while snacking on Bubbly Oreo ? it’s crazy really after one bite we feel like we are apart of Syria’s adventures.

  14. Losh Don Kisten
    Losh Don Kisten at |

    I get #GetBubblified having a sundowner overlooking the ocean, watching the sky kiss the ocean in the faraway horizon over a beautiful lit up sky

  15. Carla M VD Westhuizen
    Carla M VD Westhuizen at |

    I get #GetBubblified by joining in with the fun at all the kiddies parties I now find myself attending as a mother of a toddler! Jumping on jumping castles, hitting Pinatas, filling up on masses of sugary treats, before crashing and having a nap 🙂

  16. Mustafa
    Mustafa at |

    Late night on a Friday, end of the work week and the start of online PS4 sessions with great players in great games surrounded by excellent snacks = #GetBubblified

  17. Carolyn Augustus
    Carolyn Augustus at |

    In winter, I #GetBubblified by binge watching my favourite series, under my favourite blanket with my favourite sushi. In summer on the other hand, I #GetBubblified partake in adventures with the kiddies, take long walks or experience more of Cape town’s magnificent scenery.

  18. andrea bester
    andrea bester at |

    #GetBubblified What makes me bubblified — Wine wednesdays ,with all the biscuit cadburys chocolate I can handle -along with hubby (lol no judgement) . Weekends with my little mini me daughter and she thinks I rock for getting on all the play rides and slides with her.

  19. Dhesh
    Dhesh at |

    I get #GetBubblified by pottering around in my veggie patch.

  20. Leanie Foot
    Leanie Foot at |

    I get #GetBubblified by enjoying a delicious cup of Hot chocolate with Cola Marshmellows in. While i’m under the duvet watching a movie in bed.

  21. Depashni Marie
    Depashni Marie at |

    I #GetBubblified by spending time in nature, reading a good book and of course eating my favourite Cadbury chocolates.

  22. Denean
    Denean at |

    I #GetBubblified by spending quality time with my family because nothing makes me happier than good food mixed with great company.
    – Furthermore, I also #GetBubblified by binge watching & snacking to my favourite series after a hectic week of trying to balance work & studies.

  23. Omphile
    Omphile at |

    I #GetBubblified by buying my wife chocolates as a bribe so I can watch the soccer world cup in peace.


    I #GetBubblified by enjoying Cadbury bubbly chocolate with my mum and dad, especially when we watching a movie like right right now , we all love Cadbury. Especially my daddy, Cadbury brings good moments and happiness to my family that what
    #GetBubblified means to me

  25. Genene
    Genene at |

    #GetBubblified watching movies on the couch in front of the heater with a cup of tea and a slab of Bubbly

  26. Tristan
    Tristan at |

    #GetBubblified by going camping and enjoying nature

  27. Tanika
    Tanika at |

    I #GetBubblified by spending time with my dogs. They are so happy, always wagging their tails – the joy is contagious

  28. Diann
    Diann at |

    I #GetBubblified by dancing with by hubby

  29. Anthea Williams
    Anthea Williams at |

    I #GetBubblified by laying under my blankets and binge watching my favourite series.


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