Tasteology : Re-experiencing taste

By Lungz Mathupha

When last did you take the time to think about the plate of food before you? I realise that’s a tall order – eating everything up is first instinct. But at the recent AEG Tasteology with Chef David Higgs event, that’s exactly what we had to do. With each course, guests received a detailed description of where the food was harvested, how it was prepared and plated for a full service taste experience.


You see, Tasteology as a project is a film series in search of the ultimate taste experience, through exploring less obvious culinary methods. By exploring different levels of taste and how to achieve its full potential, AEG has discovered four essential steps to better food: source, chill, heat and experience. Each aspect is brought to you by the world’s premier taste expert in a beautifully thought-out documentary.

The night with Chef David Higgs revealed how great tasting food can be made with the simplest, often disregarded, ingredients. The first dish, for instance, included an egg with deep fried cauliflower stems nestled in a bowl of sea salt and herbs. Fancy for good ol’ cauliflower, right? The zesty fish dish (which also came with some cauliflower) had a deliciously tangy taste, with a mild mayo to compliment.

But the chicken dish was definitely the cherry on top. After deboning, the chicken was gently cooked and served with asparagus, a creamy potato sauce with a sprinkling of fried potato. Yummy. The main thread in all these dishes was the use of common ingredients, in simple but great-tasting ways.

The documentary also features amazing feeding projects where ingredients which are often discarded are used to feed and impress many. By using most (if not all) parts of the ingredients, we’re able to extend our culinary creativity and reduce wastage.

Take a look at some clips from the documentary to see how other international chefs are similarly taking taste further. http://aegelectrolux.co.za/plan-and-design/tasteology.html

About the author, Lungile Mathupha: A wordsmith in the making and cupcake advocate who is passionate, adventurous – except camping (meh), always a student and one day hopes to live off love, cooking, laughter, good books and writing – bliss.
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