Review: The one hundred years of Lenni and Margot

The one hundred years of Lenni and Margot by Marianne Cronin is a title sent to me by the wonderful people over at Penguin Random House. And it took me forever to read.


Because it is such a beautiful book. I had about 50 pages to finish this morning, made all the more difficult for trying to read through my tears.

It was body racking sobbing, ugly crying, snot-en-trane that was a long time coming.

What makes it so special?

Mostly Lenni, I think. She’s a real firecracker who does things her own way. She gets in trouble, but she also gets life, despite hers being short. In addition to Margot, there is a cast of lovable characters, most significantly New Nurse and Father Arthur.

Why you should read it

Because it will make you feel human. These are great stories, well written, with good character development. And everyone needs a good cleansing cry every now and then. It is a beautiful book. Each dot on the cover design represents a hundred tears I cried. I feel like this is one book I might reread.

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