1. Jacqui Malpass
    Jacqui Malpass at |

    I am always fascinated by peoples book choices, I seem to have gone from Little Women and the Famous Five to other books about strong women. Love Thousand Splendid Suns and anything about Henry VIII or more importantly his wives.

  2. pewterrose
    pewterrose at |

    Interesting mix of books. I always enjoy reading books across genres too. Really enjoyed The Time Traveller’s Wife.

  3. kaymac13
    kaymac13 at |

    I love more of the paranormal romance genre. However, it truly is not what it used to be. Alot of people assume it is smut but the stories are very involved and many have maybe one actual sex scene. Many I read are based on greek mythology etc. But I think I will add some of these to my nook/library wish list thanks


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