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  1. Echoes
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    LOLS! “My best friend keeps telling me that good friends don’t let friends use BlackBerry” -> anybody I know? :p

    I went from BB to iPhone to Samsung. As an ex-BB user, I wanted the same low data cost benefit, but have all the mod cons of a super toy…And the Samsung ticked that box (although the iPhone did integrate seamlessly with other devices).

  2. Nafisa
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    Years ago (I think it was 5?) I wanted a slide phone because I never had one and went for a cute Nokia that was on the market at the time. Biggest mistake I ever made and learnt was to never buy a phone based on looks. I literally counted the months down till my contract was up!

    Best phone, well I think has to be the iPhone 4, even though I loved my 3GS. Everything about the 4 was what a phone should’ve been. It’s taken a while to get used to the 4″ screen on the i5 and I’m not ready for a phone with a bigger screen than that. The build quality on the i5 is definitely “cheaper” and it’s beginning to show.


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