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  1. Mieks
    Mieks at |

    I go to Karen for my Brazilian and have also started IPL with her – she is awesome, by far the best wax I’ve ever had!

    1. NakedCherry Waxing Boutique
      NakedCherry Waxing Boutique at |

      Ah Thanx Hun *blush*
      You are too sweet, see you soon 🙂

  2. John
    John at |

    Hmm would you be able to help me with a back, crack and sack wax? how would you minimise the pain? 🙁

  3. Pristine Clean Cherry | Syllable in the City

    […] Karen Metsos from Naked Cherry writes about their latest service for your girly bits: the “vajacial” – a post waxing facial for your delicate cherry.  […]

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