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  1. Sheri Conaway
    Sheri Conaway at |

    I totally agree. My own first rule is “Know which rules you can break” and the second one is “Break those rules with wild abandon”. (and believe me, the second one is great fun!)

  2. Nafisa
    Nafisa at |

    Why have I not seen that pic of you before?! You look AMAZING!!! Where was it taken? 🙂

  3. rachel flower
    rachel flower at |

    Rules schmools. I like it. I look forward to hearing how to the broadband dating goes… and yes, it’s a great photo.

  4. Gwynne Montgomery
    Gwynne Montgomery at |

    Well, I guess I’m in trouble, ‘cuz I done broke that rule big time! Not only did I date someone younger than half my age plus seven, I married him. I’ll be 35 this year, and he just turned 22 this year. According to the rule, I shouldn’t be with anyone younger than 24.5 years old.

    Oops 😉


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