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  1. A.M.B.
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    I agree that YA books are quite sophisticated, and as an adult, I have found some of them to be more thought-provoking than books aimed at women my age. For example, I thought Francisco X. Stork’s Marcelo in the Real World should be required reading in law school even though it features a teenage boy.

  2. Jeyna Grace
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    So true. YA books are not just for YA these days.

  3. Syllable
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    I love this genre and that it’s making reading more fun for teens and adults alike. I think it’s great that parents can enjoy the books their children read, and it provides a great opportunity for conversation and family time.

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    The importance of reading aloud cannot be overemphasized. By reading aloud to your children, you are emphasizing the joy of reading, introducing them to new vocabulary words and ideas, expanding their knowledge, and learning more about their interests. Often, hearing a story can pique a child’s interest in learning more by reading independently. At some point, you might pick books at, not above, your child’s reading level, and take turns reading portions aloud to one another. For more information about reading aloud and good books to read aloud, I recommend The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease.

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