2014 Goodreads Challenge 15/100

Books 15

So it seems that it takes me about two weeks to get through five books – not a bad rate, I think.

The last five included a four-part series about dragons, and my monthly paperback, this time a local author (who has also commissioned me to knit a Tom Baker scarf, which I’m happy to say, is about ¾ done – thanks to multitasking audiobooks with knitting).

Barbara Rosenblat is an amazing narrator; I’ve enjoyed other books she’s read before, and seeing that she also narrates some of the other dragon books, I’m very happy that I have them lined up.

I was pleasantly surprised by Sarah Lotz’s Exhibit A – I was expecting a morbid, heavy crime novel. Instead, I read a witty story about love, loss, and an actual crime – not that it made light of the crime in any way, but I think the way it was written made it a lot easier to deal with the stark reality of crime situations in South Africa.

Oh – our book club decided on reading Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck for our next meeting in April. That’s on my list of books to read, along with Folly by Jassy Mackenzie, and probably some more dragon books (I’ve got the Silver Dragon series on my iPod, ready to go!).

If you want, add me on Goodreads, and let me know what you’re reading at the moment.


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