Winter warmer meals from Mugg & Bean

As the weather turns chilly, we all crave more comfort food. Fortunately restaurants get this and they add delicious, belly-warming dishes to their menus.

I recently was lucky enough to try some of the dishes on the Mugg & Bean winter menu as they launched it to some members of the media. And I can tell you, you’re in for a treat! Every course – from breakfast, mains and drinks – has some new flavour or treat specifically with the winter chill in mind.

Breakfast scrambles have been replaced with skillets: a bed of roasted potatoes layered with either a meaty or vegetarian topping, and finished off with a poached egg.

Mains included delicious new wraps, such as the falafel, spinach and red pepper flatbread, the chipotle creamy slaw and mushroom bare burger (even the banters can get excited about this one), and of course, no winter menu would be complete without soup. The smoked beef brisket and pan-fried gnocchi soup is a must try, and for the vegans there’s a fantastic coconut, carrot and ginger soup (as someone who is not a fan of ginger, this soup was amazing!).

A definite must-try, is the low-carb, gluten-free bread. Before you start thinking of rock-hard, tasteless lumps of something not even remotely resembling bread, let me set your mind at ease. This seed loaf is light and not dense at all.

Mugg & Bean tea float

Everything I’ve written about up to now are favourites. But even better than the meals are the drinks.

The tea floats – I had the Red Espresso™ tea float and yes, it floated my boat 🙂 – are absolutely wonderful. And yes, as you imagine a float to be topped with ice cream, this drink is too. It results in the perfect drinking temperature and taste. And one of the big flavours at Mugg & Bean this winter is Matcha green tea.

Another highlight is the decadent chocolate hot milkshake. Yes, it sounds a bit contradictory, but oh my, what a delight it is. This “interactive” drink is served deconstructed, allowing you to create a beverage exactly to your liking. You’ll receive a mug with chocolate drizzled along the sides and a dollop of ice cream at the bottom, along with a little jug of hot chocolate and some marshmallows. “Building” your drink is half the fun. The other half is drinking this hug in a mug.

So next time you feel like something new and delicious, head over to Mugg & Bean.


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