A bumper edition of book reviews

It’s been a while since our last round of book reviews. And as always, these titles were sent to me by the wonderful people over at Penguin Random House.

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James Patterson & Brian Sitts: THE PERFECT ASSASSIN

Prof. Savage is forced into a training programme run by Meeds to be become an assassin. She is a hard and difficult taskmaster. Meeds keeps him captive during this training period. After this intensive top-secret training, Savage realises that his true calling in life is as an assassin. The book started off with a very slow pace and at times it was a bit difficult to follow.  Some parts of the book were boring and repetitive.  Totally unrealistic and a waste of time to read.

James Patterson & Richard DiLallo: THE NINTH MONTH

The main protagonist is Emily Atkinson, a spoilt and privilege substance abuser who is also pregnant. She is hospitalised after a heart attack brought on by her irresponsible lifestyle. There are far too many flashbacks in the book that becomes annoying. As usual Patterson does not disappoint with a few murders on the way. There are two distinct plots in this book, and it would have made easier reading if these separate plotlines were in two separate novels. This novel is far too long.

James Patterson & Maxine Paetro: 23RD MIDNIGHT

A book that was difficult to put down. I am always looking forward to reading more about the Women’s Murder Club and this novel did not disappoint. There is a copycat serial killer on the loose and it is Lindsay Boxer’s aim in life to catch him.  Previously she had put the serial killer Burke behind bars and this new serial killer is emulating Burke’s kills.  He goes to great length to have Evan Burke released by recreating Burke’s most infamous crimes.  Detective Lindsay and her partner are hard at work tracking this elusive suspect. A compelling read!

Lee Child & Andrew Child: NO PLAN B

A disappointing book. Very disjointed story line and not easy to follow. Far too many characters it is difficult to keep up with them all. There’s also a lot of very unnecessary violence. Lee Child’s earlier books were far more entertaining and realistic. A very disappoint read!

Stuart MacBride: NO LESS THE DEVIL

Detective Sergeant Lucy McVeigh is investigating a sinister crime which took place sixteen years ago by an 11-year-old Benedict. He asks Lucy to help him as he believes there are people out to get him. It becomes clear that there are two psychopaths on the loose and Lucy sets out to catch them. The first part of the book is interesting and a real page turner. Unfortunately, there is a lot of random information floating about and the latter part of the book is a disappointment. Not one of Stuart MacBrides’ best books.


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