The ADDIS Swifta Floor Cleaner makes a clean sweep

SwiftaNobody likes household chores and the worst part is the floor – it seems to always be in a state of needing cleaning – whether it’s just a sweep of having to mop up messes. I was thrilled when ADDIS gave me a Swifta Floor Cleaner, rumoured to “clean more hygienically and with less effort on you part”.

I was completely surprised by the size of the box that was delivered to me – how could a floor cleaning system fit into something the size of an A3 box? Easy, and with room to spare! You see, it’s a lightweight, self-assemble, easy to handle and easy to store system with both wet and dry solutions.

To cleaning dusty, dirty floors, simply fit one of the Swifta’s disposable, thick dry sweeping cloths onto the 360-degree swivelling head to lock away the dirt, thanks to electrostatic action, making it more hygienic to use than most brooms; the dust gets trapped in the cloth rather than pushing it around the floor. The thick dirt-grabbing ridges and grooves on the dry sweeping cloth follow the surface of your floors to reach the tiniest of surface pores, crevices and grout lines.

Switch to a disposable wet-mopping cloth, and watch how it dissolves dirt and locks it away until disposal, giving a streak free, clean result, without the need to use harsh chemicals.

With the Swifta you get more eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning. The 360-degree swivelling head means you won’t miss a spot, even in those hard to clean places,  while the soft-grip handle makes for comfortable cleaning every time – no  more back ache from bending over and wringing out a mop. And instead of waiting for the floor to dry before you can make a rewarding cuppa, switch the kettle on before you start; you’ll be finished that quickl!

So throw away all your balding brooms and knotted mops and get the Swifta for scratch and streak-free results.

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