Another birthday post

This one is extra special. Fourteen years ago I walked out of my Media Studies class to join the rest of my family for a major event: the birth of my nephew. My mother’s first (and in all probability only) grandchild.

None of us realised how dramatically this little boy was going to change all of our lives. The eye operations at five weeks to remove his lenses, spotted with cataracts; again just before he started school to implant new, artificial lenses; a cornea transplant three years ago; countless new sets of glasses; exceptional report cards (first one of high school boasted an 82% average!); successful karate gradings (he currently has a full blue belt); hugs on demand (he has a very demanding gran and aunt when it comes to hugs!).

I can’t believe how old we’ve gotten, so quickly (it helps that I insist he calls me on my name, and not “tannie”), and I hope I am an aunt he can look up to, as much as he’s a kid I’m proud of being related to.

14 years ago


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