Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad review (product supplied by Beauty Bulletin)

Avon eyeshadow guideI hardly ever wear eyeshadow because I’m not confident in how to apply it or sure about which colours suit me best. So when I got the chance to try out Avon’s eye makeup I was both excited and terrified.

Fortunately the different colours are numbered, and there is a guide on the back of the packaging that tells you how to apply the different colours.

Avon True Colour Mocha Latte

I tried the Mocha Latte palette first. Because of my lack of experience, I went for very subtle – that’s one of the great things about makeup; you can layer it until you have reached the intensity you want – and felt very chuffed with the results. The most important thing about makeup, of course, is blending. Again, something this product does with ease.

The next day I tried the Jeans palette – a little reluctantly, I have to admit, because I have blue eyes and didn’t want to look like an 80s soap star. But again, the application guide came to the rescue. The navy eyeshadow is great for creating a more subtle smokey look than black or charcoal, and really made my eyes pop.

Avon True Colour Jeans

The colour stayed in place the whole day, although as an eye-rubber, I had to remind myself constantly to keep my hands away from my eyes.

I’m pretty excited about adding eyeshadow to my makeup routine more often now.

Thanks Avon and Beauty Bulletin for the opportunity and for coaxing me out of my comfort zone 🙂


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