How to eat ice cream with your hands

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I have discovered my new favourite recipe. It’s called very many things: Cake Batter Ice Cream Bread (I find the name a little deceptive, since it’s nothing like bread, with perhaps the exception of the density) is the recipe I stumbled across. I have adapted it slightly to make Ice Cream Rusks.

One of the best things is that you only need two ingredients to make this. Another awesome thing is that one of those ingredients is ice cream!

So it’s really simple: 1,5 litres ice cream of your choice + 3 cups of self-raising flour = a delicious treat (and how to eat ice cream with your hands without making a terrible mess).

The first time I made this, I didn’t know what to expect. The mention of “bread” made me very suspect. It is definitely cake, but denser (no eggs to whip air into). I stuck the container with slices of plain bread/cake under people’s noses and demanded they taste one. I was probably a bit aggressive, but I was excited! The first poor victim person to taste it, suggested that it would make great rusks, again, mostly because of the density. And that is exactly what I did this weekend – I made ice cream rusks!

Because my tiny little tabletop oven has some nasty hotspots I prefer to bake in the microwave oven whenever possible. True, it doesn’t have the pretty golden brown colour, but when you make rusks that’s remedied when you dry the rusks out.

So, mix the melted ice cream with the self-raising flour. This should make enough batter for a large cake, or two medium-sized cakes (like the picture below).

2015-01-13 19.42.50

Next, cut it into slices. I cut the cake into 18 slices, then halved these. And then you stick them into your oven set at a low temperature with the oven door slightly ajar. I remember the hot fragrant kitchen when my gran baked and dried rusks. This is where you need to exercise patience as well. Once you manage to not poke at your rusks-in-the-making every few minutes, you will be rewarded with crispy golden brown treats that will perk up your next cuppa.

2015-02-01 17.47.59


I’m going to subject more people to this experiment offer this new version to my book club next week. Hopefully the review will be positive. If you make this – in whichever form – let me know what you think about it.


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