Elegant energy: Cintron Premium Energy Drinks

Most energy drinks are targeted at those with active lifestyles and extreme sports interests, so I was quite surprised by the delivery from Cintron. The understated packaging lends itself to quiet sophistication. However, that doesn’t mean the content is meek.

Cintron Premium Energy Drinks are available in original, pineapple, and cranberry (which makes for a deliciously sparkling Cosmopolitan). Crafted from natural flavours, real fruit, all-natural ingredients, and enough energy to get you through your busy days and even busier nights, Cintron is a refreshing alternative to the rugged energy drinks on the shelf.


I’ve already enjoyed a few Cintron sundowners. Find more recipes on the Cintron World website, and get your Cintron from Norman Goodfellows. To stay up to date with new cocktails and events, follow Cintron South Africa on Facebook.

If you were looking for a delicious way to add sparkle to your parties this holiday season, look no further than Cintron Premium Energy Drinks.


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