Enjoy a Good Night for a good night’s sleep

I recently received a very unusual package from a PR company. It had all sorts of wonderful goodies in it, but what intrigued me the most was the “carbonated soft drink made with pure Austrian Alps spring water and mixed with natural herbs traditionally used to help relieve feelings of stress and to encourage peaceful sleep.”

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The two cans I received resembled their energising counterparts, and contains no preservatives, artificial colours and intense sweeteners.

Good Night is made to relax your body and mind, so even if you don’t have trouble sleeping but you have the occasional (or frequent) stressful day, a can of Good Night could help you relax and your mind unwind.

“The philosophy of Good Night is to relieve stress, achieve better sleep and have better lives.”

My favourite thing about this drink is the taste, which the packaging describes as cactus fig – plain old prickly pear where I’m from and a flavour that tinges several of my fondest childhood memories.

Does it work for better sleep? I honestly cannot definitely say it does, as I was prescribed some medication with sleepy side-effects. I did drink the second can after a day I felt particularly frazzled, and whether it was my imagination or the drink working magic I can’t be sure, but I did feel more at ease about things.

Want to try Good Night for yourself? For R19.95 the drinks are available at these stores:

Craighall Spar
Parkrand Super Spar
The Square Super Spar
Hobart Super Spar
Ninapark Super Spar
Lyttelton Super Spar
Clubview Spar
Hennops Spar
Saxby Super Spar
Midstream Super Spar
Willow Way Spar
Sutherland Super Spar
Glenfair Super Spar
Groenkloof Spar
Menlo Super Spar
Valhala Spar


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