Experience a bit of Italy with Remo’s Fratelli

There’s a piece of Italy tucked away at Waterfall Corner in Johannesburg. It’s called Remo’s Fratelli Maximilliano and it offers a feast for the eye as well as your taste buds.

While the soundtrack didn’t exactly fit the theme, I loved the upbeat music – it fits the ambiance perfectly. The walls are covered in black-and-white photos, there’s a gorgeous bar where espressos and other interesting drinks are whipped up, and this is topped by a vintage Vespa.


There’s ample seating outside, even more inside with dark wood tables and red leather couches in the booths. Winter dining should be a cosy affair, as Remo’s also has a sizeable fireplace.

When it comes to food there’s no shortage of choice, and every taste will find something scrummy on the menu. Should all else fails though, there’s the sweet treats table where you’ll find their famous Remo’s cronut (which I didn’t try this time). And if you want to take a bit of the deliciousness home with you, be sure to pop into the deli section attached to the restaurant.

The service is good, and the only thing I would’ve liked was to know what was on the drinks menu – written up on chalk boards behind the bar. I can’t see that far and it might have led to something interesting.

I had the balsamic ribeye and a side of butternut and it was absolutely delicious. The portions are perfect – you’re not left feeling hungry or uncomfortable; the perfect excuse to have dessert too.

This isn’t a place to take your frugal self off to on a whim. For special occasions (or when someone else offers to treat you) it’s a good choice.

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