Fourteen on Chartwell scores five stars

I was invited to lunch at Fourteen on Chartwell when I recently visited Durban.

It turns out Chartwell is a foodies’s paradise – with fine and casual dining establishments standing shoulder-to-shoulder across the road from popular takeaway spots.

First impressions

Fourteen on Chartwell exudes a quiet and confidently understated opulence – you feel special from the moment you cross the threshold. We were seated in a corner looking out on the street.

Cheers, Darling

There’s only one cocktail that outranks a G&T: Pimms. Grant asked me what Pimms was, tasted it, and while he has no taste for gin, this turned out to be something he did like. For those who don’t know, Pimms is a gin-based drink containing a secret mixture of herbs and liqueurs. It is often served with lemonade or ginger beer, and garnished with loads of fruit like strawberries and oranges, and fresh mint.

With several G&T options on the menu though, I had to try one of those too.

– Side note: I love restaurants that have these gorgeously generous gin glasses.

Making a meal of it

Choosing a main course was a challenge. I finally managed to narrow it down to the lobster mac n cheese (I’d never had lobster before, and I’ve never had a pasta I don’t like), or the brown butter lime salmon. The decision was finally made by reasoning that I could get salmon in Jo’burg, and it was the perfect opportunity to try something different.

Grant had the lamb cutlets with a fresh salad. He shared a bite with me and it was unbelievably good. But I didn’t have food envy because my mac n cheese was so delicious – cheesy and creamy and I guess lobstery? Amazing!

Sweet goodbyes

I really wanted to try everything on the dessert menu at Fourteen on Chartwell. And because I couldn’t make my mind up, I decided to ask the waiter for a recommendation. We were not disappointed with the choice of hazelnut and chocolate mudpie. At first Grant protested that he couldn’t face another bite of food, but he couldn’t resist the chocolaty deliciousness in the end.

A final word

The service at Fourteen on Chartwell is unobtrusive, the atmosphere relaxed, and the design tasteful.

Thanks again to Fourteen on Chartwell and to Dionne from Take Note Reputation Management for arranging lunch.

P.S. That Grant guy I keep referring to? He’s my boyfriend. No big deal. And yes, we met through Tinder <3



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