Gift idea: Festive flavours from Nespresso

Allsorts, chocolate orange, coconut – Nespresso revives these yummy memories in time for the Festive Season with their Limited Edition Variations.

They recently sent me these three flavours to try for myself, and I’ll be honest, I’m kind of avoiding the liquorice and orange, simply because I’m not a fan of those flavours. I did try the Snowball on Tuesday (fortunately I had water in my Nespresso, as this was when the Big Sandton Drought of 2017 struck). As soon as it starts to brew the creamy sweet aroma of coconut fills the air. What a delicious way to console myself for not being able to shower. It’s not at all overwhelming and perfectly balanced with the coffee.

The three Nespresso Limited Edition Variations

Variations Confetto Licorice: flavoured espresso from the sweet marriage of the Livanto’s coffee roundness and the distinctive flavour of different spices, yielding liquorice roll candy notes.

Variations Confetto Orangette: Livanto’s coffee roundness mixed with notes of orange peel and a hint of chocolate that finishes in a harmonious blend.

Variations Confetto Snowball: Livanto’s with the taste of coconut and a touch of vanilla, reminiscent of a baked delight.

Nespresso limited edition variations

These flavours are available at R95 per sleeve from or at any of their Nespresso Boutiques for Booths nationwide. Hurry, they’re around for a limited time.


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