Grow your own healthy herbs in Le Creuset

Le Creuset has just launched a range of herb planters, and if this is not enough motivation to try and discover your green thumbs, I don’t know what is.

The planters are available in six colours, and have a drainage hole and saucer to ensure your plant’s soil maintains the perfect moisture balance. At the same time the dense stoneware blocks moistur absorption to prvent your planter from cracking.

The gorgeous enamel exterior resists stains and scratches from metal tools, and should you decide to change plants, the nearly-nonstick glazed interior easily releases soil. You can also load your planter in the dishwasher for a thorough cleanse.

Le Creuset Soleil Herb PlanterLe Creuset has also shared five tips for growing your own herbs:

  1. Most herbs grow best in a bright location, such as near a window.
  2. Ensure air circulation and cool conditions.
  3. Rotate the plants once a week so that all sides receive adequate light.
  4. Keep your herbs growing healthy and strong by feeding them on a regular basis with a half-strength solution of a well-balanced, liquid fertiliser.
  5. Prune regularly to keep the plant bushy and healthy.

You can get your very own planter for R398 each.

Stuck for ideas on what to grow in your planter or how to use your chosen herb? Here are some ideas:

  • Rosemary – the smell of this pretty, aromatic herb may improve your memory. It grows bes with full sunshine and frequent watering. So stop and smell the rosemary when things get hectic.
  • Thyme – this virtually calorie-free herb has long been used for its antiseptic properties, and adds a delicious boost of flavour to soups and salads. It is well-suited for indoor growing, as it stays small. Just make sure it has plenty of sunshine.
  • Basil – a hardy plant that grows easily even indoors, doesn’t need much care, and only requires watering every other day. It’s a popular ingredient for pesto, and is a good source of fibre, while also helping to detoxify your liver.
  • Parsley – this is more than just a common garnish! it is packed with vitamin A, C, and K. It is easy to grow and doesn’t need much sunlight or maintenance. Prevent the soil from getting too dry, as it rarely recovers from wilting.

That’s that – you’re all out of excuses now. Get yourself a Le Creuset herb planter, and add some healthy flavour to you meals today!

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