Hurrah for the weekend!

After three four-day weeks this week was a little bit of a shock to the system. It was an extremely productive week for me (aside for the two+ hours I spent in traffic to get home on Tuesday), and I finally sent a proposal to the Council for Medical Schemes (it only took me four months), and now I anxiously wait to hear if they will take it further. I haven’t even received a mail to confirm they have to receive it, but I’ve done what I set out to do. Bits crossed that they agree to consult on the matter, although I’m doubtful.

I also started a little side project, but I’m not sure it will take off. My reasons for taking it on is a little dubious.

My plans to go hooping have been postponed after I fueled up my little car this morning. After I got over the urge to cry I decided it’s best not to commute to Jo’burg unnecessarily. I don’t know what I’m going to do this weekend; I have to write a couple of posts, catch up on some reading, finish a scarf I’m knitting, and get my meds, but I might end up bonding with my duvet and playing hidden object games – recharge my batteries for next week; already have to events scheduled that will hopefully result in some blog fodder.

But right now, I’m looking forward to cocktails, getting rid of hair clips, earrings, shoes and anything else not strictly comfortable, and doing nothing that can be considered as industrious.

What are your plans for the weekend?


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