It’s lekker at La Rosa

I’ve been eyeing out La Rosa Mexican Grille and Tequileria for a while. After all, it’s difficult to ignore a hot pink sugar skull. So when Grant asked if I wanted to join him and the Friday cycle club for Taco T-Monday the day before my birthday, I was so there.

Taco T-Monday?

Wait, what? Yes, the gang used to do the traditional Taco Tuesday thing, but Grant spins on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and because he doesn’t like to be left out of fun things – to be fair, who does? – they obligingly moved it to Mondays.


Misbehaving Mondays

A more appropriate name, probably, but then again, honestly, these guys (and Lisa) are permanently in mischief mode. But I digress (again).

I REALLY wanted a Frosted Bulldog (a frozen margarita topped with a Corona) and figured the eve of my fortieth birthday was as good a time as any to try something new.

It was amazing.

Hilarity ensued when I received conflicting advice from Steve (more, more, more) and Alex (no, keep the tip in – just the tip!). The first resulted in my menu being soaked with beer and tequila, and the second in me spitting out my drink so it didn’t spray through my nose. So if you order one for these for the first time at La Rosa, listen to your gut, not your “friends”.

Make a meal of it

So. Many. Choices. My default would’ve been tacos, but seeing as I was trying out things new and different before turning old and boring (jokes) I opted for a Pollo Fresca burrito – wet, because cheese!

At La Rosa the portions are generous, the ingredients fresh, and the flavours yummy. As I write this I wonder if there will be another get-together before the end of the year (hint, hint).

The Torta De Tres Leches on the dessert menu caught my eye, because cake, but I couldn’t have another bite of anything. So it stands to reason that I need to go back and be sure to pack my dessert stomach.

The look and feel

I love the decor. Tattoo-inspired partition art, Frida Kahlo on the seats, mosaic, painted basins and lace and sugar skulls in the bathroom. I loooooove it!

The service is pretty awesome too, with the waiter patiently putting up with our cheesy jokes and indecision.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I really want to go back there – ideally not driving myself there the next time.

Check out La Rosa on Instagram, or even better, visit them. We went to the one in Honeydew so if you go there you should have a great experience. Just make sure you also have excellent company, like I did.


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