Jaybird Wireless Headphones: light-weight, multifunctional, great sound

IJaybird Wireless Headphonest is a very unique design; a little odd. That was my first thought when I unboxed the Jaybird Wireless Headphones. Neither fully a set of noise-eliminating headphones, nor a discreet in-ear headset, the square shape had me a little perplexed. The adjustable headband looked sturdy, but I wasn’t so sure about the earpads, which swivel in all directions.

I was keen to put the claims of “no listener fatigue” to the test. I have a very sensitive right ear and hardly ever wear the right earbud on my set. Even when wearing my fabulous over-ear headset I have to move the right side of my ear after a few minutes. My verdict? I’m in love! The Jaybird’s lightweight, and has awesome thumpy beats. I happily wore it for hours, while reading and doing the dishes.

The fact that it is wireless is fantastic! I usually stick my iPod into my shirt while I do the dishes (a chore I loathe but seem to spend a lot of time doing), and inevitably there are several close calls between my gadget and the soapy water; not to mention the frustration and potential water-borne mishap of the loose-dangling right earbud.

Designed for the sporty, the rubberised underside band and moisture-sealed control buttons mean you don’t have to worry about sweat (or suds) damage – the Jaybird comes with a lifetime warranty against sweat!

And while it definitely is amazing for music, the sound quality of wireless calls – on both sides of the conversation – is crystal clear.

The almost-retro design (which quickly grew on me), comes in different colours. In the box, you’ll also find spare foam pads and a charging cable (simply plug it into a USB drive to charge).

The Jaybird Wireless Headphones are compatible with any A2DP Bluetooth stereo device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows, Blackberry Phones, Moto Actv, new iPod nano, PC, Mac and gaming devices.

I found that the headset switched off after several minutes of not being paired with a device. I got much more than 12 hours (not consecutive) music play time out of a single charge, at a moderate volume.

Of all the products I’ve gotten to try out recently, these are a firm favourite, and they’re definitely going on my wish list. If you’d like to get a pair yourself, you can order from the Orange online store.

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    Woow supadupa awesum:D


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