Krispy Kreme limited edition doughnuts

By Nafisa Akabor

Krispy Kreme South Africa invited Syllable in the City to experience breakfast at their new location – the Gautrain Sandton.

Before I tell you more about their new breakfast, let me quickly touch on the location. Krispy Kreme says they chose it because of the number of people that pass through the station by foot, whether it’s for airport runs or just commuting to work. A very smart move, because how can you resist walking by and not stopping for a coffee and doughnut?


With all the construction going on in Sandton, Krispy Kreme picked the right time to get in there, who knows what the place will look like in a couple of years, but at least we have fresh doughnuts!

So Krispy Kreme has a new limited-edition menu with Nestlé that brings Peppermint Crisp, Bar One and Kit-Kat flavours! My choice at breakfast was a Bar One doughnut, and one of the new flavoured lattes – salted caramel. I’m not very big on the overly sweet stuff – my favourite KK doughnut is the glazed one, but the Bar One was very good, as well as the latte, which doesn’t need sugar obvs. Sometimes flavoured lattes are hit or miss, for me anyway because it’s either overly sweet or you can’t fathom how the taste matches the flavour. Not in the case of the salted caramel, just try it for yourself! I also tried the Peppermint Crisp one which also very delicious.

latte donut

If you’re stopping by for a doughnut and coffee sometime soon (we suggest sooner rather than later as the Nestlé flavours are running for a limited time – up until 21 March!), you can look out for their cool and hot drinks too. Think Bar One and Peppermint Crisp hot chocolate or a Peppermint Crisp Kremey Chiller. If you want to keep it regular, you can find cappuccinos, Americanos, lattes, espressos, filter coffee, tea and white chocolate on the menu. Flavoured lattes include – vanilla, roasted hazelnut and salted caramel. As for doughnuts, good luck picking a flavour!


Oh, did I mention the store is also certified halaal?

Krispy Kreme says they plan to open six more stores before the end of 2016 in Gauteng alone – woop! And then 39 across South Africa over a five year period.

other things

Thanks for the lovely breakfast, Krispy Kreme!

Locations: Rosebank, The Zone; Sandton Gautrain Station on West Street.


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