Magnum Pints take pleasure to a new level

There are times when a Magnum ice cream (or, lets admit even an entire pack of Magnum Minis) is just not enough. And international television and movies have created the classic image of the broken-hearted girl snuggling with her duvet on the couch, inhaling a tub of ice cream. Until now, we felt cheated out of neat little tubs of delicious ice cream that you can eat in a sitting after some emotional turmoil. Until now, because Magnum has just launched Magnum Pints: 450 ml of delicious Magnum ice cream and chocolate.

2014-05-05 17.11.20

Magnum has used its chocolate expertise to offer a sublime new pleasure: delicious cracking Magnum chocolate waves in silky vanilla ice cream and a smoothly sinful chocolate sauce core, topped with chocolate pieces.

Magnum Pints are available in four variants: Vanilla & Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate & Raspberry and Hazelnut & Chocolate.

You also don’t need to be emotionally unbalanced to indulge, as I discovered recently. Magnum kindly sent me a “Me Time” Kit – containing a Magnum Pint and DVD of my choice, a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger, and a fabulously snuggly blanket. I decided it was the perfect Sunday late-afternoon treat. I kept thinking, only one more spoon, and before I knew it, I was scraping the bottom of the tub. While I wouldn’t recommend this as dinner too often, there are times that ice cream just fills a void that nothing else can. Well done, and thank you, Magnum, for launching Pints.

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Magnum Pints are available at all major retailers such as PicknPay, Spar, Checkers and selected forecourts.

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