My latest favourite spot: Café Hemingway’s

My second visit to Café Hemingways was complimentary. At that time the draft of this post had already been written.

I recently discovered a gorgeous new spot in this fabulous city. Café Hemingway’s is tucked into a quiet corner next to the Kyalami race track.

The dishes on the menu are named for writers and famous literary characters, and foodie quotes are sprinkled throughout the menu’s pages – a delicious treat in itself.

The décor is not as rugged as you would assume, considering where the name originates from but is a cosy space with fairy lights outdoor, and a cake table inside. However, Café Hemingway’s is currently expanding and will soon feature a bar fit for any writer in need of liquid inspiration – I can’t wait to try it myself.

My first visit was on a Sunday, around brunch time, and I was lucky to find an empty table. Several people patiently waited for an empty table while I was there.

Café Hemingway's interior

Where seven months ago a dark hole stood, there’s now an incredible venue for fancy functions and lazy late afternoon meals. The service is impeccable and you won’t find food prepared any fresher, with Chef Shaun making fresh pasta and every sauce on the burgers to order. In fact, from the black garlic smoked salt to the perfectly garnished dish set in front of you – everything is made fresh and in-house; no premixes or bulk cooking here, which is why a dish might take a little longer to get to you. It also gives you a few extra minutes to enjoy the ambiance, so in the end, you win all the way.

Café Hemingway's exterior

During my second visit, high tea was being hosted and the tables were set out with mouth-watering treats and attentive waitstaff circling the tables. I’m now more convinced that I want to have a birthday tea at Café Hemingway’s, and if I needed any additional motivation, a slice of Chef Engela’s divine chocolate cake sealed the deal.

Do yourself a favour and visit Café Hemingway’s in the Kyalami Downs Centre. Tell me what you think.

P.S. Aside from the chocolate cake, I can definitely also recommend the Tigger and the Hannibal.

Breakfast of Tiggers. Bananas, bacon, crumpets and maple syrup. Mmmornig mmmade @hemingwaysjozi

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All images are courtesy of the Café Hemingway’s website unless otherwise indicated.


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