Paint & Power – a collection of AI-assisted artworks

AI (artificial intelligence) is having a moment. From art to coding and content, the robots are making their mark.

SentiMETAL (a sub-brand aimed at motoring enthusiasts) vividly showcases the power of combining new technologies with a human touch with its new “Paint & Power” series of prints.

“Diving headfirst into the world of AI art creation is a journey of perplexity and wonder, and something that I had been hugely interested in exploring for our store,” explains Andrew Crawford, Head of Creative at South Africa’s leading automotive platform.

“During the creative process, I imagined famous car colour schemes coming to life in a veritable explosion of paint. I was able to generate unique designs with MidJourney’s assistance, which I then meticulously refined and tweaked using Photoshop.”

The “Paint & Power” series includes four 420 mm x 420 mm artworks that retail for R150 each (excluding shipping). The lineup includes:

  • Subaru WRX/555 blue and gold
  • BMW M3/BMW Motorsport blue/white/red
  • Porsche 911/Gulf orange and blue
  • Toyota GR Supra/Castrol red/white/green

“I’m very pleased with the outcome. We’re ready to embrace the world of AI and everything it has to offer, but don’t forget that the human element is also important in this process. The artist’s creative input and decision-making continue to be critical in crafting pieces like these.”

The “Paint & Power” print series is only available at


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