Review: Wraith

I received the audiobook of Wraith by Mark Wheaton through the Netgalley platform.

A legendary family plagued by a curse. What led to it, and can it be ended? Cecily LeClercq grows up in the remote Carolina wetlands after witnessing her mother’s death at a young age. However, when a Parisian stranger arrives saying a distant, elderly relative is desperate to see her before she dies, she travels back to an old chateau deep in the French woods. There she discovers an ancient curse that has consumed generations of her ancestors, personified by a vicious, ghostly wraith who emerges from the forest when a LeClercq’s death is imminent.

Tracing her family tree and following the family of endangered wild oaks, she discovers the dark secrets of LeClercqs, including the identity of the true Countess LeClercq.

I rated Wrait 3/5 stars.


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