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To quote Leslie Jordan, well 💩!

It’s been three months and some days since my last book update. Let’s be honest though, since any update.

When I set out on this monthly blog update I was unemployed and had time on my hands. Now I have a sweet freelance gig and little motivation to write once the paying work is finished. I do miss doing all the blogger things, but that’s mostly been snubbed thanks to the panorama anyway. Seriously, I hope this panini is almost at its end because I love me a good launch party and a goody bag.

But I digress. Goodreads says I’m on 89% and I’m not going to do a title-by-title breakdown. You can go look at it over at Goodreads I’m always keen to find new reader friends.

I still haven’t finished that one of the paperbacks from Penguin Random House. I was going to read some last night but ended up having dinner with my friend and guardian angel, and that’s better than even the best book. #cocktails

I’ll highlight some of my favourite reads from the last update, but first, let me see if I can cross off any of these here goodies.

  1. A book with more than 500 pages (audiobook of more than 8 hours)
  2. A classic romance
  3. A book that was made into a movie/TV series (sometimes books are created from the movie/series; we’ll allow that too)
  4. A book published this year
  5. A book with a number in the title
  6. A book you can finish in a day
  7. A book set in a location you’ve always wanted to visit
  8. A book that was first published in the year you were born
  9. A book with bad reviews (I usually say life is too short to waste on bad books, but if you select one specifically for this challenge you should finish it and tell me why you think it got bad reviews, do you agree, etc.)
  10. A book from your childhood
  11. A series – two or more books. Starting a series that you can’t read more of one book of because only one’s been published doesn’t count.
  12. A mystery
  13. A thriller
  14. A non-fiction
  15. A book with a colour in the title
  16. A book that made you cry
  17. A book you chose based on its cover
  18. A book a friend recommended
  19. A book your mom/dad loves
  20. A memoir
  21. A book from a genre you usually avoid.

Ok, so I’ve read four books published this year: Later by Stephen King (four easy stars, naturally) Broken (in the best possible way) by Jenny Lawson scored solid four stars as well, Sleeping with a psychopath by Carolyn Woods, which managed to scrape two stars together (will share my review below) and The Anthropocene Reviewed by another favourite, John Green. I give John Green four stars. (IYKYK)

I read two books published the year before I was born, so I can’t cross that one off yet. Sleeping with a psychopath also meets the requirement for number nine. I haven’t read a book from my childhood, but I did read the book on which one of my favourite movies of way back was based (Coma by Robin Cook) and now I’m dying to watch it again. Similarly the two movies based on the two Richard Matheson books I read.

I read two mysteries by the same author – Magpie Murders and Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz. Although, trust me to read them in the wrong order. Not much of problem though, fortunately. Another mystery I enjoyed was Eight perfect murders by Peter Swanson.

OK, I won’t list The case of the disappearing blonde as book with a colour in the title, but seeing as how my hair is pink again, that was tempting. That’s the roundup on the list.

So, Sleeping with a psychopath. True crime. Should be right up my alley right? Meh. This was my review on Netgalley.

I wouldn't wish what Carolyn went through on anyone. 
Her tale of isolation and gaslighting is terrifying and difficult to understand from the outside. For example, I thought that based on her past experience, she'd think twice about rushing into marriage.
And while I can relate to her wanting to help financially, I do wonder if I'd handle it the same way. Like I said, difficult to understand.
The story itself is fascinating. Unfortunately, I found it very difficult to empathise with Carolyn. In my opinion, she doesn't come across as a very likeable person. It might be the way her story is written - it is by no way a judgement on someone I've never met. 
In an age of online dating and dating apps, this relationship that started IRL is a cautionary tale of "but for the grace of God, there go I". 
I hope that Carolyn has found her way back to love and happiness.

So, once I push publish on this here rambling post, I’m loading new books onto the phone. Been burning through them at night when I knit. Podcasts for work, books for leisure. Always be listening.

Tell me what you’re reading, and all those good things.

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