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This has been a tough year and many small businesses had to weather the absolute mess that resulted from the initial hard lockdown. So I decided to shout out to a few local small businesses you can support with a little purchase to makes someone’s day – someone who usually does most of the work (if not everything!) themselves and does a little dance every time they receive an order. And all of these businesses are female-driven.

These Hands

These hands stocking stuffer

I’m completely biased – these are created by my mom. But that doesn’t change that thes 100% cotton rounds are incredible!

Eco-friendly and reusable, there’s a colour for every weekday. Use them to remove makeup, apply toner, etc. They’re machine-washable and come in a cute little wooden box. You can send a mail to place an order – mention These Hands in the subject line.

Blue Willows Boutique

We all know the beauty benefits of a satin pillowcase – less static hair, no weird sleep creases on your skin, etc. I have a thing ‘Oxford’ pillowcases. They have a wide stitched flat hem around the edge to create a border. It just looks classy.

When you order a satin pillowcase from Blue Willow Boutique, you also have the option to personalise the purchase by adding embroidery.

Pillowcases are available in navy, blush or white. I’m absolutely obsessed with their long satin robes, but a pillowcase is more likely to fit in a stocking.

Sugar Girl Rum

Sugar Girl Rum

Sugar Girl Rum was created with adventurous, free-spirited women in mind. You can grab a couple of their 50ml bottles to pop into stockings. I mean, would it even be a Syllable gift post if there were no spirits?

It’s a smooth, white rum made from blackstrap molasses, with notes of vanilla and orange – no added sugars or chemicals. Pairs beautifully with flavoured tonics, soda and ginger beer.

NakedCherry Apothecary

Ah man, I love, love, love the ladies over at NakedCherry. Not only are they extremely focused on hygiene and the best service (regardless of what you need to be waxed, you won’t get a better team to take care of you). And they have a professional range of aftercare that’s trialled and tested on humans only.

NakedCherry stoking stuffers
Wanderlust travel set

The Wanderlust travel kit consists of NakedCherry’s wax care trio of Ingrown Terminator Spray, Morning Glory Skin Cleaner (my all-time favourite product of theirs) and the beautiful Kissing Me Smoothly Oil making for the perfect pre and post depilatory maintenance set, keeping your skin looking soothed, smoothed and absolutely gorgeous.


Their skin conditioner oil even got a Christmas version. This aromatherapy body and bath oil contains sweet almond and coconut oil for their softening and soothing properties, lavender for its calming influence and sandalwood oil to soothe irritated skin. Lastly they’ve added a dash of ylang ylang for its anti-acne properties and also for its ooh la la influence 😉

NakedCherry tree

They also have care products for those who prefer to not defluff completely.

There are two Hedge Serums. The Conditioning Serum is specifically designed to nourish your bikini beard and promote a healthy bonnet, and the Sexy Serum does all that, with an extra secret ingredient that will enhance your pheromones.


Time is running out to order these stocking stuffers and get them shipped in time for Christmas, so start clicking now!


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