The book debate

What really annoys me about the paper-and-ink book versus e-book argument, is the fact that it is just plain stupid. Why are we arguing? There is a place and affinity for both (and let’s not forget audiobooks, without which my daily commute would’ve been unbearable). I have more paperbacks than sufficient space to store them all, but I also have a Kindle (iPad, iPod, Kindle Reader for iPad, Kindle Reader for PC).

If you’re one of those people who will NEVER switch to any of the more technological versions of reading, good for you, but leave me in peace. I read my paperbacks when I’m on holiday, e-books when travelling (or when I’m away from my extensive collection of paperbacks), and audiobooks when I need or want to multitask. I’ll never completely give up anyone format, but if pushed, I’ll give up e-books; of all my gadgets, my Kindle’s the most neglected.

Tell me about your reading habits!

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