Triple Three Gin: Citrus Infusion

Triple Three Gin comes in three delectable variants. I’ve had the privilege to taste all three, in combination with three of the most popular tonics of the moment.

First, some distiller’s note on the gin.

Triple Three Gin: Citrus Infusion Gin

Experience fresh and crisp citrus aromas with a smooth, silky finish. This zesty gin was enriched with hand-picked, farm-grown citrus fruit. Each distilling carefully crafted to ensure a balanced gin with an abundance of citrus notes for your ultimate drinking pleasure.

Natural sun-ripened oranges from the Eastern Cape and Stellenbosch-grown organic lemons lend their flavours to this full-bodied gin. Opulent scents of orange, lemon, lime and red grapefruit evaporate on the nose, while the juniper berries present menthol and eucalyptus aromas adding complexity. Rhubarb and lemongrass whiffs bring a gentle sweetness to the overall taste.

Rich and complex, refreshing like a walk through a citrus orchard.

The mixers

I decided to use the extremely popular and bespoke Fitch & Leedes tonics to tease out the flavours of each gin. Fitch & Leedes mixers are crafted in small batches, using quadruple filtered water. These products are “delicately carbonated, finely balanced and infused with the world’s finest flavours.”

Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic

The delicate combination of bitter and sweet, derived from the essence of the ‘Cinchona’ tree is just what your finest gin needs for a truly satisfying G&T moment.

Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic

Pretty in pink with whiffs of rose petals and fresh cucumber, this tonic is poised to be the perfect accompaniment to fine gins and adds a delightful twist to your classic G&T.

Fitch & Leedes Blue Tonic

This blue-blooded mixer transforms every G&T into a sensory indulgence. Let whiffs of juicy blueberry and hints of cardamom entice you, while the vivid blue colour adds a captivating twist to your gin cocktail.

My method and verdict

I approached my tasting in a very scientific way: 15 ml gin with 60 ml chilled tonic, starting with the Indian tonic, followed by the pink tonic, and wrapping up with blue tonic.

This is the gin I expected to like the least of the three but was pleasantly surprised by just how fresh the citrus notes were. Not overwhelming, but distinct and absolutely delicious.

The sweetness of the pink and blue tonics covered the acidity of the citrus completely, so unsurprising, the Indian tonic was the best match once again.

This is a gin that I’ll reluctantly share with guests when the African Botanicals bottle has run dry and before even considering sharing my bestest bests.


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