Triple Three Gin – thrice as nice

Three bottles of Triple Three Gin made it to my desk, courtesy of their PR company and Norman Goodfellows.
I was under the impression that I’ll have to choose to try just one of the variants and asked Brigitte from Craft Cartel for her recommendation.

Just Juniper Berry, African Botanicals, Citrus infusion

So many choices, right? Brigitte suggested I try the Just Juniper Berry for its purity. A little taster later and I believed this was the winner.

Why choose?

To my absolute delight, I received a bottle of each of the Triple Three Gin variants! #winning
Still, as we all know, not all gins are created equal, even if they’re distilled by the same master distiller. A favourite needs to be chosen. So, off to the fridge we go!

Finding the perfect pair

OK, so this was the process:
Try each of the Triple Three Gin variants with three different Fitch & Leedes tonic flavours, starting with Indian Tonic, followed by Pink Tonic and finally, Blue Tonic.

To find out which Triple Three Gin is my favourite, and which G&T combo got the thumbs up, I’ll be sharing my thoughts over the next few days and we can compare notes. In the meantime find (and try!) some amazing cocktail recipes on the Triple Three Gin website.

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