Über Flavour Brews takes ice tea to the next level

Ice tea is a popular local non-alcoholic refreshment, and often you feel like if you’ve tasted one, you’ve tasted them all. Enter Über Flavour – breaking out of the mold with their swing-top glass bottles and cloudy Rooibos flavoured beverages.

I first noticed Über Flavour in a magazine article, but there weren’t any suppliers listed. Fortunately Google knows everything, and I visited the website, only to find that the tea is currently only distributed in the Western Cape. I left a message asking if there were any plans to share the tea with Highveld citizens. Tracy-Lee responded that they are in the process of setting up distribution in Johannesburg, and later Durban, Garden Route, etc. and offered to send me a mixed case of ice tea to try in the meantime.

2015-03-04 19.22.27

Über Flavour comes in three flavours, all made from natural ingredients, so the taste may vary from one season to the next. I shared the refreshing goodness with a few friends. First we tried the apple and cinnamon flavour. It is absolutely delicious and original in as far as ice tea flavours go. Personally I think it will be delicious warm during winter months – it kind of reminds me of glühwein. The mango and vanilla tea – again blended without additives or added sugar – is another unexpected flavour. To be honest, out of the three flavours it was the least popular (but it goes extremely well with a dash of vanilla vodka ;)).

The unanimous favourite, perhaps a little predictably, was the honey and lemon brew. The flavours are perfectly balanced for the best non-alcoholic summer refreshment. It’s without a doubt more delicious than any other lemon-flavoured ice tea currently on the market.

All the bottles are sealed with a label that promises the contents are “Rich in Umami™”. According to their website:

It’s on the tip of your tongue. The fifth and secret element of taste is called umami.

This elusive flavour mingles sweet, salty, sour and bitter tastes to create something altogether new.  No matter how you choose to savour the fifth element, Uber IceTea is here to tilt your taste buds in a whole new direction.

2015-03-03 13.45.36

Cape Town, you have a good thing going here, and by next summer we’ll hopefully all be able to indulge in this delicious, natural drink.

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  1. Martha van Zyl

    Hi Kelly, I’m not the supplier; I simply reviewed the product.


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