We asked Jozi Film Festival goers one question

And their answers blew us away.

By Lungz Mathupha

We’ve all watched a good number of movies in our lifetimes – whether it’s at the cinema, on VHS and then DVD, or even out on a beautiful summer’s night at an old skool drive in. And no matter the location, there’s always a whirlwind of emotions. I thought about this while attending the recent Jozi Film Festival; the fifth edition of this annual event.

With up to 40 films on circuit at Rosebank’s Cinema Noveaux, The Bioscope in Maboneng and Eyethu Lifestyle Centre in Soweto it was a film fundi’s dream. From hard hitting drama to thought provoking real-life documentaries, the festival had a little of everything and getting even a snippet felt like a downpour of creativity and insight. So I thought, if film is of such great impact to my life, what about other festival goers. Here’s what some peeps had to say:

Q: How have films changed your world?
“Through films I lean to be more introspective. The process of dissecting art, finding meaning and questioning information in movies has helped me to do the same in my life. ”
– Yanano Bere, independent artist

“This film, in particular, was very therapeutic for me. Discovering new dimensions within my acting abilities and having the chance to share a character’s experiences is a feeling that’s difficult to pin down – but it’s definitely transformative.”
– Khabonina Qubeka, choreographer and actress

“Yes there’s the fame and networking opportunities, but what’s really changed my life is the ability to think in a whole new way and see people – with their many differences and similarities – in a more holistic way. I’m constantly learning.”
– Zabalaza Mchunu, Marketing Manager at VOW FM

“I fell in love with movies at a young age and have been passionate about telling stories through this medium ever since. Dora’s peace is a tribute to my parents and was a journey of great revelation and vulnerability. My whole life’s work is in films.”
– Kosta Kalarytis, film producer of award-winning Dora’s Peace

“Monday Memorable Movies on etv was where my journey with films began – it’s when I first saw Casablanca. I’d stay up to watch these classic films and there was something in that world that kept me transfixed. Being able to live in that on-screen moment for a bit is absolute magic. How can your world remain unchanged?”
– William Harding, stage actor

Join the conversation and tell us how film has changed your world.

The Jozi Film Festival honoured the following films in 2016:
Dora’s Peace – Best South African Feature Film
Bon Voyage – Best International Short Fiction
Amagugu – Best South African Short Fiction
A Billion Lives – Best International Documentary
Doc-U-Mentally – Best South African Documentary
Tabula Rasa – Best Student Film
Wonder Boy for President – Audience Choice Award

About the author, Lungile Mathupha: A wordsmith in the making and cupcake advocate who is passionate, adventurous – except camping (meh), always a student and one day hopes to live off love, cooking, laughter, good books and writing – bliss.


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