What women want (apparently)

Last day of infographic week, and I found this goody on my favourite infographic site. It’s kind of accurate, in case there are men coming to look for tips/advice. Pretty much, guys, clean up after yourselves, tell us you appreciate us/we’re pretty (compliments are really undervalued, but make sure you’re sincere), and if all else fails, throw money at the problem (not necessarily give us money, although retail therapy is a good way for us to work through our anger at you, but think more creatively – pull out all the stops for a weekend away, that kind of thing).*



* This is all my subjective opinion; a sample audience of me, myself, and I. Not sure who the GingerGals‘ infographic is based on.

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  1. hilarie

    What a fabulous infographic I had so much fun pursuing it! I think I’m with the 24% — I’d use that extra hour for sleep. Or maybe sometime alone with a book!


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