What’s in a name? A crois-nut/cronut anyway you write it, it’s delicious!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away (in a city called New York) a chef introduced a croissant to a donut. The pastries fell in love, one thing led to another, and soon the chef revealed the result of this union to the world: the cronut.

Imagine that’s a golden pastry, rather than a lion cub 😉

Some people are revolted by the idea of a deep-fried croissant, but oh, sceptics, you really have no idea what you are missing out on, which is okay with me, because it means there’s more deliciousness for the rest of us.
Following a meeting with the famed cronut, Linda Lipschitz from Belle’s Patisserie in Johannesburg decided South Africa needs to experience this creation in all its yumminess, and so she developed our very own Crois-Nut. You may have seen me (and several other people) going crazy about the launch 16 August on Twitter.
Belle’s offer four variants: plain, chocolate, strawberry, custard. It’s hard to decide on which is my favourite – they are all amazing.
Okay, we all know I would sell members of my family for any kind of pastry, so I brought a few Crois-Nuts to the office to share with my colleagues. After protesting about weight and stuff, sentiments soon turned to surprise at how light and delicious the treats were. And former food blogger Nafisa (also former cronut naysayer) was converted too!

Belle’s Patisserie has been named home of the best cupcakes in Johannesburg and they also make an amazing cup of coffee. No doubt that the introduction of Crois-Nuts will earn them more accolades.

But hey, don’t take my (or several others’) word for it – head over to Belle’s (if you’re in the Gauteng area, do a little road trip; it’s totally worth it), and get your own Crois-Nut (or four) at R25 each. Then tell me if you’ll ever eat a donut or croissant again (I probably will, but we’ve already established – repeatedly – that baked goods are my weakness).

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    Thanks for the mention. I need to get some more of these in my tummy as a matter of urgency…


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