A better body in 20 minutes with Bodytec

20 minutes don’t sound like much, especially when it comes to exercise. And when you think that’s all you need once a week to stay in shape, it sounds like a joke. But once you’re suited up and the first pulse hits, you know you’re going to work hard.

Bodytec combines personal fitness with electro muscle stimulation (EMS) for a full body workout in a fraction of the time you’d spend at a conventional gym.

I visited the brand new Bodytec branch in Centurion last week to see what all the hype was about, and to judge the claims that a 20-minute Bodytec workout is as effective as three 90-minute gym workouts. No, I do not have a gym membership, because I don’t have the time or discipline to spend any amount of time huffing and puffing. And I don’t like to see my “soft-around-the-edges” self in a variety of full-length mirrors, or being looked at/judged by several other sweaty bodies. And waiting for a turn on a treadmill… I have better things to do.

bodytec studio

At Bodytec you train by appointment, once a week, with one other person training, and a personal trainer ensuring both of you engage the correct zones at the right levels. And there aren’t any mirrors in the training area.

Because I’m not super fit or flexible, I had my reservations, but Tanya and Simoné were very friendly and helpful. The exercises themselves are pretty basic and easy, and after a bit you get used to “pushing back” and breathing out when tensing your muscles.

One of the greatest benefits in my opinion is that there is no impact on your joints. And of course the time factor.

I only made it through 12 minutes of my session; I’m convinced I would’ve been able to get through the 20 minutes if not for the three shooters and several chocolate croissants indulged in at work during the day – not exactly the kind of fuel to test your body’s endurance with. Until I reached a point where everything inside just said “no”, I actually enjoyed it; it’s not aquarobics fun (I’m guessing mucking around in a pool is fun; I’ve never done that either), but you do feel good working up a sweat – and believe me, you’ll be working up a sweat!

As I wobbled down the stairs on my jellied legs after getting dressed again, I anticipated pain beyond words in the days ahead, and while some stiffness set in late on Saturday and still lingered on Sunday, it wasn’t quite as bad as I had expected.

While there are some indications for people not to do EMS training (due to it being quite hectic on your body, and said body will need not to have to fight other lurgies in order to repair itself sufficiently), it is suitable for adults of any age and fitness levels.

For more information, visit the Bodytec website. And if you’ve been to Bodytec, tell me what you thought about it.


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