A life list deferred

I’ve been meaning to write this post since my birthday. There are a few things I’d like to have or achieve, whenever. Some are slightly more realistic, and a few I know are very unlikely to happen.

But apparently, if I invest in improving myself…

Can you handle more Marthatjie?

What’s on “the list“?

Ok. No explanation. No order. Here it is:

  • I’d love to go to The Sun Met – just to be extra and wear an oversized hat and a designer dress. Please, will some brand host me and Grant next year?
  • This is on everyone’s list. So what? Take me to see the Northern Lights. Actually, if you do get me to go, good for you. I don’t have a passport and I have terrible anxiety about leaving the country.
  • 25%. That’s how much of my current body weight I need to lose. I’ve even signed up for Vitality again. I’d much rather get my hands on a Wii Fit, but I’ve got a better chance of actually making the step goal Grant set me this week (don’t ask, it’s not as much as you think, but more than I’ve ever done in a week since starting fulltime employment).
  • I still, really want to do the hot air balloon breakfast thing.
  • I’d like to be able to play Bohemian Rhapsody and November Rain on the piano. Which means I need to have access to a piano. It’s complicated.
  • I would like to give the whole podcast thing a go. I hate the sound of my voice and I’m not sure I’d be any good at it, and probably no one will subscribe. Whatever. I want to do it.
  • Today, interestingly enough, marks the three-year anniversary of getting my first tattoos. I want more. This time maybe a coloured piece. Maybe. I still have to decide. And save up.
  • Three months’ savings. That’s what the clever people say you need in the bank as a buffer. I can live in hope (and with the occasional Lotto ticket).
  • I. Love. Cherries. But I’ve never been to the Ficksburg Cherry Festival. It would be nice if that could change.
  • And close to that is my favourite place. I want to go to there. A lot.

Basically, that’s it, for now.

OK bye!

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