A lovely morning of Beauty, Bubbly and Baking

By now you’ll be familiar with my love for the monthly events hosted by the team at Come Wine With Us. If you haven’t signed up for their newsletter you’re missing out on all the great opportunities to match great food with great drinks (they don’t limit themselves to wine – another reason I love them despite not being the greatest fan of wine) and interesting people.

Once a year they host a lovely ladies’ morning that include all of our favourite things: beauty, bubbly and baking. Sure I don’t often wear makeup, and never really much of it, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have a keen interest in it. And eye makeup is my favourite. But I digress.

Also, who doesn’t like the indulgence of bubbly? We always save it for special occasions and often those occasions pass by without the joy of bubbles tickling our throats.


I don’t have to remind anyone of my love for baking either. With my oven and its hot spots I don’t bake as often as I used to (something I plan to change over the holidays when I go to visit my mom) and aside from fruitcake and Christmas’s mince pies, there aren’t many bakes I’ve met that I don’t like.

So you get the idea: a morning dressed up and made up spent with like-minded women nibbling on bakes, getting tips on skin care from Dermalogica and some kitchen hacks while sipping on Laborie’s best range of sparkly. And as always with CWWU events, guest stand a chance to order their wine at a great discount, and some even walk away with spot prizes.

This month they’re doing some fine brandy tasting. Every month and every event hosted by this team is hugely successful and sold out in days. So make sure you get on their mailing list and never miss out on a chance to indulge in a night – or morning – of the best moments on offer.

If you want to see more pics of the BBB, head over to Facebook.


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