ADDaBIT, earn a lot

ADDaBIT is a social savings platform.

Crowdfunding. Such a great concept when getting businesses and innovations off the ground. It would be great if you could crowdfund life.

With ADDaBIT you can do just that.

ADDaBIT, earn a lot

Some of you might know that I’m the aunt of a pretty special kid. He’s come such a long way over the last 18 years. From having his lenses removed at five weeks (due to cataracts) and wearing glasses since he was only a few months old, to having artificial lenses implanted before he started school, and undergoing two cornea transplants. Now he’s in matric (Grade 12) – I feel so old!

For his last cornea transplant I tried a crowdfunding platform – it worked well enough, but we couldn’t withdraw the funds before the deadline was reached. And then we were charged a fee on the withdrawal.

Then someone on Twitter told me about ADDaBIT. I’m pretty sceptical about anything new, so I didn’t give it much thought. Until the next morning. There was an email from the CEO of ADDaBIT in my inbox, asking if he could call me to chat about what they offer.

I hate talking on the phone, but was impressed that Michael made the effort to get in touch.

I told him that I had my reservations because I didn’t want the schelp of uploading FICA documents. It turns out you don’t have to – only if you want to earn interest.

So not only can I withdraw any amount at any time from my fund at no cost, I can earn interest on the money in the fund? Sign me up.

ADDaBIT to my nephew’s future

I’ve started an ADDaBIT fund for my nephew, primarily to pay for his studies. He’s registered to study programming at Belgium Campus. On our own, my mom and I can only do so much. So once again, I’m reaching out for help.

You can contribute to our fund here  – donate anonymously, if you prefer (although I’d really like to know who we should thank).

And start your own fund. Use my code MAV6Z when you sign up, and we’ll both get a little bonus if you pay R500 or more into any fund.

Stay up to date with ADDaBIT by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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