And the winner of #boozeforblogging is…


This was fun… probably not so much for Jade and Gerrit as for me 😉 I’d like to thank both of them for contributing, marketing, and generally being good sports.

The final numbers are in!

Jade stats


Gerrit stats




That gives Jade a grand total of 70, and Gerrit 82. Jade’s compelling campaign propaganda message could not compare to Gerrit’s sneaky lies (and whatever else he did).

Congratulations Gerrit. Jade, don’t despair, there is a surprise consolation prize.

Both prizes will be handed over next Wednesday when Gerrit graces us with his moody presence once more. I might do this blog war thing more often. If you want to face-off against a colleague/friend/frienemy, let me know 🙂

In the meantime I’ll just continue doing what I do

Typing away


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