Arm yourself against cold and flu this winter with Happy.Me™

Aside from some silly sniffles every now and then, I’ve managed to avoid getting a cold or flu so far *touch wood*, despite the office being frequented with goggies on their human hosts. But one can never be too safe, so I was thrilled to find out that Happy.Me now makes boosting your immunity delicious!


Jasmine Honey Lemon & Lime TeaTheir range of tea mixology includes a couple of winter-blues busters that can help strengthen your immune system and fight nasty bugs, such as Try Honey and Lemon Jasmine Green Tea – packed with vitamin C and honey, which boosts the production of antibodies. Jasmine also helps combat bacteria, and can aid the production of beneficial flora in your stomach; very important if you’ve been taking antibiotics.



Chamomile & Orange TeaThe calming effects of chamomile in their Chamomile and Orange Tea with citrus and crystal jelly, will help soothe winter aches and pains and irritation from head colds. It will also help you banish the blues and catch some quality naps (and we all know that the really big problems can be solved, or at least better tackled, after a nap :)).

If you are not in the mood for tea, Happy.Me™ also offers a range of super mixology juices, such as Beetroot Super Juice with Pineapple and Carrot, or Spicy Carrot with Apple Super Juice with Celery and Ginger – sure to help clear stuffy sinuses and throat irritation.


Get happy; get healthy: find your nearest Happy.Me™:

Greenside – 011 646 1450 | Eastgate – 011 616 1993 | Rosebank – 011 447 9207 |
Bedford – 011 615 0808 | Boskruin – 011 792 5817



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