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I recently came across a three-question ancient Tibetan personality test. 

When doing the test, turn off your conscious mind and write down the first answer that pops into your head. Don’t think about the answer too much – use intuition rather than logic.

Want to give it a go?

Imagine five animals in front of you

A tiger, cow, sheep, pig, horse.

Now order them according to your preference.

Finish each of these sentences with a single word

A dog is 

A cat is

A rat is

Coffee is

The sea is

Imagine five people who are important in your life

Match each person to one of the following colours – go with your instinct.






Now, look at the interpretations – if you want, share your thoughts in the comments. Did you learn something about yourself? Do you feel this accurately reflects how you see yourself and the people in your life?

Question one relates to your priorities

Cow = career

Tiger = self-worth

Sheep = love

Horse = family

Pig = money

The second question reflects your attitudes toward life

Dog = your personality

Cat = your partner’s personality

Rat = your enemies’ personality

Coffee = your view on sex

Sea = your overall life

Lastly, the test reveals your attitudes toward other people

Yellow = someone who has impacted your life in a major way

Orange = someone you believe to be a true friend

Red = someone you love with all of your heart

White = your kindred spirit

Green = a person you are not likely to forget


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  1. Nafisa

    This was interesting to do. Thanks!


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