Benefit Beauty is back!

Oh rejoice! The beauty brand that makes my personal favourite mascara They’re Real! is back in South Africa. Unlike several other Benebabes I haven’t fully experienced Benefit beauty beyond the mascara and their skin care range – you know how things go when you’re a frugal shopaholic.

I don’t think they are as well-known for the skin care products as they are for the awesome bronzers, blushers, pore minimisers, mascaras, gel liners, brow kits and foundations.

Aside from the beautiful glass containers, the skin care has a fabulously fresh fragrance. If your skin needs some nourishing and hydration, and let’s face it, with all the environmental pollution we face every day, we all do, this is just what you need.

Benefit beauty

I’m known for being a bit lazy when it comes to beauty routines and application and all that jazz, so when I saw benefit had their skin care starter pack on the shelf I was thrilled. It’s the perfect size for me, who only occasionally have fits of girly intent, to not be wasteful. The starter pack comes with a foaming face wash, a skin polisher, toner, and two moisturises – one with UV-protection so you can use them as day and night moisturisers respectively. And as with all great products, a little goes a long way.


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