BeoSound 8: cool design with kick-ass bass

My colleagues were thrilled to see this beauty unpacked. Since I don’t really have space for gorgeous gadgets at home, and despite desperately hankering for the perfect docking stations for years, I decided it would be best to put the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 to the test in our office. With its sleek black and silver finish, and unusual round speakers it is both sophisticated and fun.

Setting the BeoSound 8 up is a breeze, and it really is “plug-and-play”, but with the added fun of its own app – if you want to listen to internet radio, rather than your iPod/iPad/iPhone playlists. You can adjust sound levels and skip tracks quickly and conveniently on BeoSound 8 itself.

Oh, and your iPad won’t look absolutely ridiculous stuck into the dock – yup, this gadget is that good! The docking brace on BeoSound 8 adapts to accommodate a range of devices from a slim iPod touch, iPhone, or iPod to the bulkier iPad.

B&O Beosound 8

The BeoSound 8 is portable and can be hung on a wall using a custom wall bracket, or placed on a flat surface, where the speakers will appear to float. The conical shape of the speakers has two functions: the shapes ‘disappear’ to create an unobtrusive impression from most viewing angles and make placement easier; they eliminate standing waves by avoiding parallel surfaces. (That bit’s from their website – it basically translates to it looks good and sounds amazing! Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters [from their S&M album] – I have no words, just gooseflesh.)

To match your personal taste and the room you place it in, BeoSound 8 comes in either black or white with aluminium details and matching power cord. It is also more than just a docking station: connect your PC or MAC via micro USB for the ultimate entertainment system. You can play music from your phone, computer, or media player, or you can download an app version of the sleek and stylish BeoPlayer for your docked iPad, iPhone, or iPod. The BeoPlayer app available via iTunes puts superior music browsing, thousands of internet radio stations, and an advanced alarm clock right in your pocket. The free version gives you 20 great stations to choose from, with the option to upgrade to more than 13 00 internet radio stations from around the world. I downloaded the free app, and we came to the conclusion all radio presenters talk a load of nonsense; it’s not a uniquely South African downfall.

I think there’s going to be a few sad faces in the office when I pack this magnificent goody away and return it to the guys at Orange who were kind enough to let me experience this offering from one of the most sought-after names in home audio.

For great gadgets and tech goodies, check out the Orange South African online store.


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